Knox County deed transfers

By Staff | May 06, 2010

The following deed transfers were recorded from April 26 to April 30 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


Hugo Heriz Smith to Laurie J. Heriz Smith.


James K. Cobb and Melissa D. Cobb to Elizabeth D. Noble and Colin T. Page.

Kressler Horty to Kathleen M. Mundell.

Mary Galanis to Richard L. Connor and Deborah K. Connor.


Carl I. Taylor Sr. to Carl I. Taylor Sr. and Sherri L. Taylor.


Richard T. Lozier Est. to Karen Lozier and Scott Lozier.


Timothy J. Crabtree and Anne D. Crabtree to Michael Parent.

Colin T. Page to Olga Gourianov and Christian K. Zimmerman.

North Haven

Sandra Hylander Collier and Stephen H. Collier to Bonnie Brody and Sandra Hylander Ducan Collier.


Norma L. Sawyer and Merton R. Sawyer.

Frances C. Hildreth Cus. and Frances D. Hildreth to Sarah R. Gray and J. Gordon Gray.

Salvation Army to Kathrine Gabriel Jones and Seth D. Jones.

Jaime Fish Connell to Theodore J. Diebold.


Jeannette Furbish to Michael Connell.

Barbara L. Albee, Cheryl Lynn Albee Alander, Mark Winters Albee and Keith Dwight Albee to Chery Lynn Albee Alander and David Karl Alander.

Stephen Kent Biggs Est. to Minnie Kent Biggs.

Michael A. Pelle and Patricia R. Pelle to Michael A. Pelle.

Lois Ann Sherwood and Marilyn A. Patstone to Mills Revocable Family Trust LLC.

R. William Rocknak and Lucinda A. Rocknak to Rocknak Yacht Sales Inc.


Sherwood Lee Wotton Jr. to Sherwood Lee Wotton Jr. and Patricia J. Moran Wotton.


Pamela A. Hancock to Pamela A. Hancock Trust.

Kenneth S. Rogers, Constance Gross and Roger Gross to Richard E. Camber and Cassandra V. Camber.


Athlene M. Prior Est. to Dwayne S. Prior and Dale C. Prior.

Daniel D. Wentworth to Thomas E. Harriman and Jill A. Harriman.

Tobias W. Watson and Nancy S. Watson to Nancy S. Watson Tr. and Pine Tree Trust.

John B. Stewart Jr. Family Trust to SBN LLC.


Debra L. Caron and Debra L. Wile to Debra L. Caron and Richard E. Caron.


Lewis W. Romer Jr. and Lida L. Romer to William Romer.

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