By Catherine Cooper | Dec 28, 2013

Just now, here, in front of my house, I witnessed a Rockland Police stop of a car.

I also watched as the male driver of the car submitted to and passed several of the field sobriety tests to the dismay of the 2 squad cars who stopped and administered those tests. After 15 minutes and once I announced I was watching the proceedings, the officers were none too happy with me.

They told me to go back in the house and it was none of my business. I said I had been watching as the interrogation had happened and the driver was put through many levels of tests and he had passed them all. The driver could not help but be distracted by the many drivers passing by as this is a busy street in Rockland.

One officer was upset that I was witnessing the episode and told me to return to my apartment. I told him I was making sure justice was done.The officer shined a light on me and told me I could be arrested.

In the end, they let the driver go. If he were unable to pass these tests, would they have let him drive his car away? I do not condone drunk driving but a person who has had a beer or two and tries to do the right thing and go home, are 20 to 30 minutes of badgering necessary?

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Posted by: Richard McKusic, Sr. | Dec 29, 2013 06:00

They may very well have stopped the person for suspicion of driving under the influence; with the many, many drugs available today. Are our police perfect? No, but neither am I and  sincerely appreciate the tough job they have to accomplish in the days we live.

Posted by: Catherine Cooper | Dec 28, 2013 20:11

An update: Just got a call from the supervisor of the Rockland PD. They are not too happy with me. They preferred if I would have watched from a distance and not let my presence known. Again. I do not prefer that people drive drunk but how much of a field sobriety do they need to do? Hours? And why not a breathalyzer test? Government overstepping starts on a local level.

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