Bail set at $100,000 cash

Illinois man who threatened to kill victim's family arraigned

By Juliette Laaka | Dec 13, 2013
Source: Knox County Jail William McBroom-Stees

Rockland — An Illinois man who threatened to kill a woman's family after she fled to Maine to escape his abuse, had bail set at $100,000 cash Dec. 13.

William McBroom-Stees, 42, of Tampico, Ill., was abusive, addicted to drugs, and suffered from post traumatic stress disorder, the victim told Rockland Police Detective Dwight Burtis in an interview. The victim came to Rockland to take refuge with immediate family members, but McBroom-Stees located and continued to threaten her, according to court papers.

He told the victim during one conversation he was going to start the "worst blood bath in America," according to an affidavit filed in Knox County Superior Court.

McBroom-Stees, an Iraq war veteran, said he "enjoyed killing over there and I'll do it again," said court papers.

McBroom-Stees claimed he was coming to Maine to kill the victim's mother and sister. He also threatened to kill her father in California if she did not return to Illinois.

While the victim was with police, the defendant texted her a photo of a handgun, and made comments about killing her family.

He also referenced voices in his head telling him what to do, said court papers.

Some of the conversations between him and the victim were recorded by police. According to the affidavit, he called her seven times during the time she was with police, saying he knew she was with the cops. McBroom-Stees was in Missouri during this time, and said he could see a police officer driving behind him. He began to make threats about hurting the officer, and Rockland Police contacted the Missouri State Police.

McBroom-Stees was arrested in Missouri Nov. 22 and sent to Maine on felony charges of domestic violence terrorizing and domestic violence stalking.

The family has a temporary protection from abuse order against him, and as part of his bail conditions, McBroom-Stees is not allowed contact with them.

He is scheduled to appear in court again Feb. 26.

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Posted by: Melinda Lindsey | Dec 15, 2013 19:10

PFA orders are meaningless, and true why would bail even be set?


Posted by: Francis Mazzeo | Dec 13, 2013 19:31

Doubtful he has $100,000. If he did he'd no doubt get some more tats.

Posted by: Catherine L Leonard | Dec 13, 2013 12:00

Why would bail even be set for this monster? If he makes bail do you really think a PFA will keep him away from her?


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