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How do you think public works departments are doing with storm cleanups?

Jan 10, 2014
"Miraculously. They need to be recognized." — John Sims, Camden.

The Courier-Gazette staff asked "How do you think public works departments are doing with storm cleanups?"

"They are doing a fabulous job, and quickly." — Marilyn Lustgarten, Rockland.
"The main roads are great, but the side roads are iffy with blowing. They are doing a good job." — Stacie Smith, Warren.
"Great job. I don't go far, but I have no problems." — Pat Boice, Rockland.
"Under the circumstances they are doing a good job. I'm happy." — Richard Cannon, Rockland.
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Posted by: Richard McKusic, Sr. | Jan 12, 2014 12:32

I hope members of the Rockland City Council see that the complaints of Rockland Main Street are not shared by the majority of our citizens who are appreciative of a tough job done well. :)

Posted by: RUTH ROWLING MAXFIELD | Jan 12, 2014 12:08

Must add my thanks to the DOT crews who keep our road clear . . and a huge thanks to our marvelous plow man who comes at a moment's notice when we need to be sanded . . . . . as well as keeping us plowed out.  He even makes sure our dog can get around!!


Posted by: Steven D Bryant | Jan 11, 2014 12:17

Under some of the worst wintery conditions in years, the state, local and private contractors have done an awesome job thus far. They are all dedicated to our safety. Thank you all.

Posted by: russell g york | Jan 11, 2014 08:38

My hats off to all the Rockland public works crews they work many hours so that we all can do what we all need to do. I leave for work at 4 am and because of the public works , Maine DOT and Rockport, I arrive safely and have coffee ready when they can take a break .  Thank you to all the plow , sand truck drivers , public or private,for all that you do to keep us all safe .    J.J.

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