Hope Health Family Practice
77 Elm Street Suite 4
Camden, ME 04843
Phone: 207-236-2201
Hours: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 8am-4pm, Wednesday 7:30am-5pm, Friday 8am-12 noon
Fax: 207-236-2203

Hope Health Family Practice is dedicated to providing comprehensive primary care to people of all ages.   Our four Family Nurse Practitioners and excellent staff work as a team to ensure that your health care needs are met.  Our approach at Hope Health Family Practice is to have patients involved in their own health care.   We have found that people who take an interest in their health have the best outcomes.

Our services include

  • Women's health exams - Pap smears, Gynecological and Breast exams.
  • Women's health management including puberty, birth control, menopause,  hormone therapy, breast problems, STD testing and osteoporosis.
  • Pediatric care including well child check-ups, immunizations, management of acute and some chronic illnesses.
  • Men's health management including physical exams, prostate screening, erectile dysfunction and STD testing.
  • Comprehensive management of acute and chronic illnesses.
  • Coaching for your health through diet, exercise and mental health management.
  • Complete physicals including school, sports, work and DOT/CDL.
  • Osteopathic Manipulative techniques for back, neck, shoulder and joint pain.
  • Laboratory services including blood draws, strep and mono screens, pregnancy and urine testing, EKGs and spirometry.
  • Prescription Medications.

Our Family Nurse Practitioners

Brien Davis, FNP

Meredith Bruskin, FNP

Michelle Kinney, FNP

Jennifer Bell, FNP

Our Nurse Practitioners utilize their own expertise, as well as the expertise of other local providers, in order to help their patients work towards achieving and maintaining optimal health.  

Hope Health Family Practice accepts most health insurances

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Health Tip - Compliments of Hope Health Family Practice ...

Another reason to get up and move: The lymphatic system does not have a pump like the blood circulatory system so it requires movement in order to function properly.
A Health Tip from Hope Health Family Practice

Vitamin C has many benefits such as improving immune function, provides protection from heart disease, eye disease and may even reduce skin wrinkling.
Daily Health Tip - Compliments of Hope Health Family ...

Staying socially connected is important for long-term health. Research shows that people who have a strong social network live longer, require fewer doctor visits and hospitalization and receive more enjoyment from life.
Daily Health Tip - Compliments of Hope Health Family ...

To stimulate your brain and increase mental capacity, challenge yourself with trying something new, adopt a pet, starting a garden, learning a new activity such as playing a new instrument, or play challenging games.
Daily Health Tip - Compliments of Hope Health Family ...

Research at the University of Kentucky found that only about 5% of memory impairments are due to brain disorders such as Alzheimer's. Stress, depression, poor health, improper nutrition and a lack of exercise are more common and preventable causes of memory impairments.