Finn's first day

By Phil Crossman | Sep 15, 2016

It seems like only yesterday I was practicing to be a grandfather. Now Finn has started school. On that first morning last week, the exhilaration was almost more than he and his family could bear.

Big-kid school was starting and that was certainly exciting, but there was more — the bus! — the bus was coming to pick him up! His mother and little sister walked him out to the bus stop for this momentous first. His mom was suffering a little, quite a bit, in fact, from separation anxiety, reluctant, on a deeply maternal level, to part company with her firstborn.

They turned the corner and headed for John’s granite stone wall, a neighborhood feature Finn and his sister had repeatedly climbed and mastered during their five years in the neighborhood. As they got closer they could see Kaitlyn — the same 10-year-old girl I’d written about a few weeks ago — sitting there coyly on the wall, also waiting for the bus. They all chatted, during the few minutes before the bus arrived, about the excitement of Finn’s first real bus ride and school.

Kaitlyn, of course, was a veteran and, as the minutes rolled by, she offered assurances and advice. That first day was all it had promised to be. The next day Kaitlyn was there again, of course, but now she assumed a somewhat more maternal role with Finn.

On the third day, Finn suggested that his mother need no longer escort him to the stop, that Kaitlyn had offered to come get him, and on the fourth day he professed to love her. Mom is doing OK, sort of.

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