Early morning Rockport crash leads to charges for driver

By Dwight Collins | Dec 17, 2013
Courtesy of: Rockport Fire Department/Chief Jason Peasley A 2005 Ford sedan was deemed a total loss following a rollover crash Saturday, Dec. 14, on Route 17 in Rockport. The driver, Christopher Wildhaber, 44, of Rockland was arrested on multiple charges including operating after suspension and leaving the scene of an accident.

Rockport — An early morning crash Saturday, Dec. 14, on Route 17 in Rockport led to the arrest of the driver on multiple charges.

According to police reports, Christopher Wildhaber, 44, of Rockland was driving west on Route 17 around 12:30 a.m. in a 2005 Ford sedan when he lost control of the vehicle and left the roadway, striking a Central Maine Power pole and a mailbox before becoming airborne and finally coming to rest on its roof.

The report also stated that when Rockport Officer Dana Smith arrived on scene, he checked the heavily damaged vehicle and looked for anyone who may have been ejected from the car as there was no sign of the driver or any occupants.

No one was found around the immediate area of the car and Smith noted the driver’s side airbag had deployed. Approximately 30 minutes later, Wildhabner was located a short distance down the road, arrested and charged with leaving the scene of a personal injury accident, failure to report an accident by quickest means, possession of a scheduled W drug and operating after suspension.

Responders with Rockport Police and Fire departments, along with North East Mobile Health Services, spent 45 minutes at the scene in bitter cold temperatures.


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Posted by: Harley Roger Colwell | Dec 18, 2013 14:56

And THIS is why the state is cracking down on un-licensed drivers. Unlicensed drivers are involved in more fatal accidents by a large margin than drivers who have exercised enough common sense and restraint to retain a valid driver's license. Even criminals like this bozo, who, by some miracle happened to bumble into a fixed, inanimate obstruction in relative anonymity rather than some hapless bystander, still make a gigantic, irresponsible, and costly nuisance of themselves with alarming regularity.... as the last week's worth of Courier reports will testify. Enough already! Impound these morons' cars when they endure the mere formality of losing their licenses, or the just keep recklessly swerving down our roads!!


Posted by: RUTH ROWLING MAXFIELD | Dec 18, 2013 14:54

and . . . . thankfully the young man did not hurt anyone else!

Posted by: Mary A McKeever | Dec 18, 2013 11:38

Another route 17 accident. Although I travel that road during the day I observe drivers driving the posted speed. Perhaps the night patrol should increase and help those speeders slow down by a police presence. Maybe a dummy car. They used that in Mass. on the turnpikes some time ago. It worked. People slow down when they see a police car. Thankfully the young man was not hurt.

Mickey McKeever

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