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Camden, ME 04843
Phone: 207-236-4904

Eastgate House of Glory - Meets the first Sunday of each month at Hills Mansion in Augusta Maine from . Click here for more details.

About Destiny Eastgate Ministries

We are a non denominational ministry with the mandate to equip Christians for the work of ministry. We do this by establishing believers in the love of God and develop their gifts to fulfill their destiny in Christ. The light, glory and power of God is revealed through those that are rooted and grounded in Christ to serve with the Father’s heart that reveals His love. Our quest is to empower Christians to minister in the power of the Spirit to heal the brokenhearted, open prison doors and set the captives free. To see a move of God take place in our family, community and among the nations.

A great harvest is now upon us! In preparation we are equipping laborers to work in the harvest. We also believe in equipping the children and youth to hear the voice of God, know His love and minister in the power of the Spirit.

No matter what church you belong too, we trust that you will always leave closer to the Lord than when you came. We welcome all Christians that are devoted to sound Biblical teaching that are committed to unity with other members of the household of faith. The clarion call is to "Arise and shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord is risen " (Is. 60:1).

In our Father's heart and love -  Roy Roden


For service times and locations call 236-4904 or visit our website at or email to:

The Battle is at the Gates

One of the most difficult issues Christians face is confronting Church brethren. It’s not the witchcraft or demonic that is oppressing and defeating the body of Christ, but the curse of ill-fated words spoken through Christians (See James 3:6-8). The power of this deception is disguised as ...
Truth or Deception - That is the Question part 1

These next three articles will cover deception voiced as “Truth.” We must discern the truth that becomes perverted by those who issue faulty information due to an agenda driven purpose. Also, how our own understanding can taint God’s prophetic perspective. To combat deception, the Spirit of ...
Angel with Holy Spirit Break Out

Angel With Holy Spirit Break out at Eastgate School of Prophetic This past Sunday, I noted an Angel standing to my left. I normally do not see Angels in their natural form, but as light. Because they stand before the throne of God, they reflect the light of His divine nature (See Is. 63:9). You ...
Sunday Tidbit- The Call For Unity

SUNDAY TIDBIT: It is better to have a few people in unity, than many who are divided without common vision. True vision sees the heart of the Father and His glory (2 Cor. 4:6). It is by those that gather around the hope of HIS calling that unites people to fulfill His mission with purpose “On ...
The Gift of Discernment by Danny Silk

It’s not the witchcraft or demonic that is oppressing and defeating the body of Christ, but the tongue of the accuser operating through Christians. It’s deception is disguised as righteousness, the fruit which creates strife, discord and division. Proverbs 6:16-19 tells us thatGod hates these ...
About Destiny Eastgate Ministries