Crack cocaine, oxycodone seized in Trade Winds bust

By Kim Lincoln | Dec 30, 2013
Source: Rockland Police Department Money and drugs seized in a bust Dec. 30.

Rockland — Four people were arrested following a fight over a drug transaction at the Trade Winds Motor Inn Dec. 28.

Rockland Police responded to a report of a fight at the Park Drive hotel and found Cameron Soto, 21, of Fairhaven, Mass. fighting with another male.

Rockland Police, Maine Drug Enforcement Agency and Maine State Police had been investigating Soto for several months for trafficking and importation of crack cocaine and oycodone in the Rockland area, according to a news release from Rockland Police and the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency.

Rockland Police and MDEA searched two hotel rooms and seized 25 grams of crack cocaine, 200 oxycodone pills, drug paraphernalia and $4,700 cash, the release states.

Soto was arrested for aggravated trafficking of crack cocaine and oxycodone, a Class A offense. The charge was aggravated because of a 2012 conviction in Massachusetts.

Also arrested were:

Felicia Timotoeo, 21, of New Bedford, Mass. She was charged with aggravated trafficking of oxycodone and crack cocaine. She is currently on federal probation out of Boston for a 2012 conspiracy to traffic cocaine conviction.

Christopher Sawyer, 25, of Vinalhaven was charged with possession of crack coaine and trafficking crack cocaine. Sawyer was arrested for his part in helping Timotoeo and Soto sell crack cocaine and oxycodone in the Knox County area, according to the release.

Veronica Ames, 23, of Rockland was arrested and charged with possession of crack cocaine.

Ames and Soto were released on bail. Sawyer and Timotoeo were expected to appear in court Dec. 30.

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Posted by: Andrea Palise | Jan 01, 2014 13:49

Here is my take... if we got our OWN fishing industry to be the money-making, family supporting industry it should be THEN our young people (and old) wouldn't have to got that cesspool of drugs called New Bedford.  Money needs to be made and for some the only way to do it is to get addicted in the process.  We have drugs here too, but it seems that all the big busts from Southwest Harbor to Portland involve SOMEONE from or traveling to/from New Bedford/Fall River area.

Posted by: Francis Mazzeo | Dec 31, 2013 14:35

Probably the Superintendent's fault.

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