By Brian Walker | Dec 27, 2013

3 Tips for interviewing an agent to sell your real estate

These tips were taken from a video blog created by Brian J Walker at Camden Hills Realty. Please feel free to view the original video at;

Ask the agent to show you their cell phone. In today’s digital age leads come in at all hours of the day and night. A successful agent needs to be able to reply to buyer’s inquiries immediately without having to go back to the office or review paper files. An agent without a smartphone might not be invested in the technology required to effectively sell your home.

Disclosed Dual Agency. Ask the agent if it is their policy to act as a disclosed dual agent. Dual agency is where a single real estate agent will represent both a buyer and a seller in a transaction. As a seller you are hiring an agent to sell your home for the best possible price in the shortest period of time. Buyers expect their agent to find the right house at the best price. Real estate agents have certain fiduciary duties to their clients that include not sharing any information that may disadvantage their clients in negotiating a price. A buyer might tell the agent that you share that they just won the lottery and would be willing to pay 3 times the asking price for a home. An agent who represents both parties would not be able to share that information with the seller.

Sales history. As important as the number of homes that an agents sells is the number of homes that they did not. Ask the agent for a spreadsheet of all the homes that they have listed in the last 5 years. Each listing should include the status (Sold, Pending, Expired, or Withdrawn), asking price, sold price, and days on the market.  Ask the agent to provide you with the same data for another agent that you are interviewing.

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