Camp Forest Rocks Boats to Teach Life Saving Skills

By Expanding Opportunities: Aina Moja | Jul 18, 2014
Photo by: Camp Forest Camp Forest in Brooks teaches survival skills in Maine's forests while soaking up the sun. To register for camp visit or call 207 722 3708

Canoes capsized Thursday at Camp Forest, as scenarios to educate campers what to do in an emergency situation. Camp Counselor and Maine guide, Adam Stone says "It's important for these kids to know what to do if their canoe tips." The campers, in life jackets, paddled  out into Ellis Pond during there overnight stay of Eagle Week Day Camp. On the count of three, the kids, with Adam, rocked and tipped their canoe. Treading water, Adam guided the campers to hang on to the canoe and wait for the "rescue canoe", Counselor in Training, Sage Horton. With the rescue canoe, campers learned how to "T" the sunken canoe over it and flip it back over. While this was a fun time, it was also informative and Camp Forest campers gained knowledge of what to do when a canoe tips in the water, along with many other survival skills they learn at Camp Forest. For more information about summer camp this season, and to register, visit

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