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Hearing loss is the third most prevalent chronic condition behind arthritis and hypertension. For over 68 years, Beltone has dedicated itself to ensuring better hearing health. Our Hearing Care Practitioners are here to make sure you are getting the most out of your hearing. We pride ourselves in offering the finest in hearing testing and servicing available. We know and understand your hearing needs, and our staff has the skills and training to provide the dependable care and quality service that has made Beltone the most trusted name in hearing aids.

We offer complimentary hearing tests so you can find out exactly what you are hearing and what you are missing. We also offer, free of charge, video ear scans, where on a computer monitor, you can see for yourself if your hearing problem is caused by something as simple as a build up of ear wax. If hearing amplification is right for you, we offer a full line of digital hearing aids to fit nearly every lifestyle, budget, and hearing loss. All our hearing aids are backed by Beltone’s exclusive BelCare Promise hearing healthcare plan, which provides to you, at no extra cost, free cleanings and adjustments for the life of the hearing aid, free hearing aid evaluations for the life of the hearing aid, free yearly audiometric screenings, and batteries for a full 2 years with Premium Hearing System purchases.

Eighty percent of people with hearing loss go undiagnosed and untreated. Don’t let that happen to you. Call Bobbi Barrows, Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist, and , Patient Care Coordinator 800-614-5774 in West Rockport, on Route 17. They are committed to taking care of all your hearing health needs.

Beltone's advanced technology

The ONLY hearing aids in the U.S. To stream wirelessly from your i-phone (5 or 6 series), iPad, or iPod directly to your hearing instruments without use of an intermediary device! So you can enjoy high-quality digital sound from your Apple device, whether it be phone conversations, music, or ...
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