Author Cathie Pelletier Book(s) Signing at Beyond the Sea Book Festival at Lincolnville Beach of Her Two 2014 New Releases:  A Year After Henry, and, The Summer Experiment; plus a few reprinted backlists, Saturday, July 26th, 1:00-3:00

By Beyond the Sea | Jul 26, 2014

A Year After Henry:  Award-winning author Cathie Pelletier returns with a witty, refreshingly candid portrait of grief and the impact one person can have on those he loved.

One year after Henry Munroe's sudden death at age 41, his family is still reeling from the loss. So is Evie Cooper, a local bartender...and Henry's former mistress. While his widow, Jeanie, struggles with the betrayal, his overbearing mother is devising plans to hold a memorial service on this awful anniversary. And to make matters worse, she might even invite Evie.

With her trademark wit, Cathie Pelletier has crafted an elegant, uplifting portrait of the many strange and inspiring forms that grief and love can take in the journey to overcoming loss.


The Summer Experiment:  Are There Aliens in Allagash?

Roberta is convinced she and her best friend Marilee can win the State Science Fair if only they can find an amazing project to showcase. And they've got the whole summer to work on it. But in order to win they'll need to defeat their chief competitor, "The Four Hs of the Apocalypse": Henry Horton Harris Helmsby.

When mysterious lights begin to appear over her hometown, Roberta has a brilliant idea: finding aliens in Allagash and proving they exist would win her first place for sure. Four Hs could never top that...or could he?


Also reprinted backlist of some favorites!


Cathie Pelletier was born and raised on the banks of the St. John River, at the end of the road in Northern Maine. She is the author of 9 other novels, including The Funeral Makers (NYTBR Notable Book), The Weight of Winter (winner of the New England Book Award) and Running the Bulls (winner of the Paterson Prize for Fiction). As K. C. McKinnon, she has written two novels, both of which became television films. After years of living in Nashville, Tennessee Toronto, Canada and Eastman, Quebec, she has returned to Allagash, Maine and the family homestead where she was born.


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