Are you missing milkweeds, goldenrods, other wildflowers, and native plants, and the butterflies and bees?

By Maggie Trout | Aug 09, 2014
Photo by: Trout Goldenrod glory

There's a healthy crop of milkweed, but you don't come across it growing as much as in the past..  Unfortunately, it is one of the plants that is threatened.  It has been removed as a weed.  Monarch butterflies depend upon milkweed specifically, and there are few monarch's around; this is migration time, and there should be more.


I don't know the variety of milkweed that is in the garden, but it remains a beautiful and stately plant even though the blossoming has finished.  I've yet to try making a milkweed blossom cordial,  and will leave that to those who know their plants 100%.  When I was a child, I would play with milkweed for hours, taking apart and examining the pods, and admiring the silk, which reminded me of my grandmother's hair in it's whiteness and softness.  


I'll try harder this year to harvest the seeds and give them to people that want them, but, today, I discovered, (via the internet), that there are folks in Alfred, Maine who sell native seeds:  Native Haunts.  Of course, our local nurseries offer native plants, as well as native grasses.


They also offer seaside goldenrod, Solidago sempervirens, which I don't think I've ever seen, or at least, never recognized as a goldenrod.  Goldenrods are also disappearing.  There are three varieties of goldenrod in the garden, to be identified  at some later time. I should note here that it is not goldenrods that cause hayfever.  It's the blooming ragweed that does it.


Also today found a website, Our Habitat Garden dot org, offering very good information and excellent links to educational organizations.  I found these folk when looking for help in differentiating between milkweed and dogbane.  (Dogbane is poisonous).


One other website - a 40-year-old organization The Xerces Society "that protects wildlife through the conservation of invertebrates and their habitat."  Signed right up for their mailings, too.


Exulting in the glory of it all...


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