And now we have cats

By Dan Dunkle | Sep 14, 2016

I was sitting under my apple tree Saturday when Christine and Samantha arrived home from a trip to the animal shelter.

Christine started by saying, "You're going to kill me!"

Fortunately for her, I was at what I call "minimum stress level," sitting there with a book in the sunshine. I had known that Samantha would talk Christine into bringing home a fleabag before they even left.

So I just smiled and waited for the rest of the story. Then Samantha came around the side of the Equinox with two gray kittens in a plastic cat-carrier.

Christine launched into this rehearsed-sounding story about how they were in line at the shelter and saw the kittens in a box from someone else waiting in line and somehow it was fate!

The kittens are eight weeks old and just too small to be allowed. There is a male and a female, brother and sister.

I want to name them Nemo and Piglet. Nemo is the boy and he has a kind of anchor-shaped patch of white over his mouth, leading me to the nautical name. Piglet eats very quickly and aggressively and throws up consistently. We already have an appointment with the vet for that.

The rest of the family is still not convinced on the names. We have been on Facebook on this for a while now considering names like Bonnie and Clyde, Copy and Paste, Crockett and Tubbs, Luke and Leia, and on and on and on.

The two keep each other occupied, stampeding around and playfighting. It was nice to see Samantha having the childhood experience of sleeping with her kitties.

I had a cat growing up, so that's fine. I like them fine, but it has added a lot of work and stress to the house.

My garden was a bit low-key this summer. I have grown a decent crop of chives, a few peas, tomatoes and lettuce. I was a bit disappointed in my beans. I have been waiting for my cukes to get bigger but am beginning to think they are as big as they will get. I also have three small pumpkins growing in my patch. It's been too dry and I've been at work too much and have not given it the attention it needs. I've been waffling between having a bigger garden next year and no garden. I guess I'll have the winter to think about it.

In the newsroom we have been gearing up for the election, so it has been very busy. I'm looking forward to the end of the election season and the holidays already.


Wesley poses with my sunflower, which is taller than both of us.
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