83-year-old man rescued after tractor breaks through ice

Dec 17, 2013

Appleton — At approximately 2:45 p.m. this afternoon, Knox County Sheriff’s Office Deputies were called to Appleton Ridge Road for a tractor that had gone through the ice on a private pond. It was reported the operator was still in the water.

Tree Roth of Union and Dora Lievow of Camden were cross-country skiing on the ridge across from the pond when they heard someone yelling for help. Roth and Lievow went to the area and found George Stevenson, 83, of Appleton had gone through the ice and was clinging to his tractor. He was in the water up to his chest and unable to move. First responders from Appleton Fire Department and Union Ambulance were able to get Stevenson off the tractor and to shore safely. He was taken to Pen Bay Medical Center by Union Ambulance. Last report was Stevenson was doing fine, according to police.


"I spoke with Roth and Lievow and discussed how lucky it was that they had been cross-country skiing at that particular time. I fear the outcome would have been worse otherwise. Ms. Roth stated they happened to be there because of Stevenson’s generosity in allowing public access to his property for people to recreate and enjoy the land and water. She stated he was attempting to plow the snow off the ice to allow kids to ice skate in front of his residence," said Deputy Tim Carroll of the sheriff's office in a press release.

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Posted by: Mary A McKeever | Dec 18, 2013 11:55

When in Maine one does not need to worry about help from neighbors. Maine is hospitable and helpful to all who need. It is the Maine way. I came here at 18 years old on my honeymoon and found out the easy way. Neighbors helped ease the load and teach we newcomers how to plant a garden, how to can food for winter eating and how much fun the town of Hope was with the Grange and other fun activities. That was 1955 and it is the same though changed. Now Hope has elephants! Imagine! Appleton has always been a good neighbor to Hope and still has the same values of helping and doing for others.

Mickey McKeever

Posted by: kay cochran | Dec 18, 2013 10:17

Thank God he is ok, Merton Johnson used to plow off his little farm pond for us skaters on the Howe Hill Road.  Those are the things you remember sixty years later.

Posted by: Sandra Savage | Dec 18, 2013 08:45

We are truly grateful that our friend George Stevenson is doing ok.  He is a wonderful man, and as others have said, a very generous one.  He must have been so frightened.  I feel so bad that he went through that trauma but want to again comment on how lucky we are in this area that we have well trained, available people who willingly rush to help others in need.  Thanks to all who made this a happy outcome.  Wishing George a quick recovery and return to his lovely property.

Posted by: cathy Cleaveland | Dec 17, 2013 20:18

Wow, Dora! That must have been scary for everyone. Glad he's alright.

Hugs all around.


Posted by: Dick McLaughlin | Dec 17, 2013 20:11

Thanks to Roth and Lievow   and  the Union Ambulance crew for being there for Mr. Stevenson. Thanks to Mr. Stevenson  for being a good hearted generous man. Our children need good role models like him. May God bless  you  Mr. Stevenson.



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